Photo Backup Service for Android Smartphone


Photo Backup; Here I will describe backup service. Nowadays, backup is so essential for everyone. Usually, we keep data in phone or computer. Always we don’t want to lose data. But unexpectedly, if data lost that time we feel guilty. In this situation, we unable to do anything. But if we serious with this we can relieve this data. Always try to keep any data on the safe source. Here is a think, now android is a most renowned operating system. Lots of android user capture pictures several times. We also see on Facebook one more phone uploaded every minute. Every people like to Image shot like me. We know every picture saved on internal storage or external storage. This storage is not a perfect place any time it can be corrupt. So we need to follow another path. Here we share only photo backup service because lots of smartphones dropped their opinion in our comment box. They wanted to know about Image backup service. So this is our simple solution for them. However, go ahead in the right way.

Features of Google+ Photo App

Every android has already backup system but we don’t find out the perfect source. Here I will share it how to get it. You may see an app named Photos on your android smartphone. That is the perfect source for backup your personal Images. Google Photos will store every Images as original resolution and you can upload at least 1000GB on this storage. The photos app by Google. Google offered you to backup Images on this storage. Now follow how to backup via using this app.

Photo Backup System

Open Photos app, in the head you will see Settings option (Three dots in right corner) then enable auto backup option. There has two connection such as Wi-Fi only and Mobile network. Choose one as you want. After complete this work, all of the Images of your phone will be sync automatically when internet connection will available.

Photo Backup Service for Android Smartphone
Photo Backup Service for Android Smartphone

How to View Your Backup Photos

This is easy to see the backup Images. Just go to Google Plus Photos on the web. In the search box, type Auto backup and hit enter now you will see all photos which came from your phone. That’s it.

I hope now are clear of this discussion. So friends, try to back up your own photos on Google Photos Storage.