HTC Nexus 9 Hard Reset || How to Hard Reset HTC Nexus 9 Android Tablet


HTC Nexus 9 Hard Reset

HTC Nexus 9 Hard Reset; the HTC is a one of most common mobile company on the world. Today I will introduction you with a new model of HTC tablet, that’s name is HTC Nexus 9. HTC Nexus 9 was released November 2014 till now the tablet going on market very cool. But this is the time for facing problem with the model of nexus 9. Almost every android user knows after a few days every android devices need to update or hard reset, factory reset. If you are an old android user then may be you know it. On the post android hard reset going to discus some think about Nexus 9 hard reset.

What is the best time for HTC Nexus 9 hard reset?

I am talking about who use HTC Nexus 9 around 5-7 month. When you are a new user of Nexus 9 as a time you don’t face any problem with your device. But after 5-7 month you will start to face problems with your HTC Nexus 9 tablet. Then you need to HTC Nexus 9 hard reset. After 5-7 month the Nexus will start problems EX… Stop work, slow response, shout up mobile without notice. So, if you face one kind of symptoms’ you need to HTC Nexus 9 Hard Reset.

Another symptom for HTC Nexus 9 hard reset

Sometime user forgets there password, user code and pattern lock code. So that, if you face problem with your HTC Nexus 9 tablet, you should hard reset or factory reset the mobile within short time.

HTC Nexus 9 Hard Reset
HTC Nexus 9 Hard Reset

Tips for HTC Nexus 9 Hard Reset

1) Switch off the mobile and wait around 10-15 sec.

2) This is important point for HTC Nexus 9 hard reset. Keep in same time volume (-) and power buttons in same time. Then you will face the display below.

HTC Nexus 9 Hard Reset
HTC Nexus 9 Hard Reset

3) Now press the Vol (-) Button and hold it, see the factory reset menu is active now.

4) Now press the power button for android recovery option.

5) From the menu items you should select wife data/ factory reset and press power button for confirm it.

HTC Nexus 9 Hard Reset
HTC Nexus 9 Hard Reset

6) On the next steps the android recovery option want form you conformation you want to factory reset your android device? If you select “Yes” then all data will delete form your mobile. 

7) Wait some time work is running after done the factory reset the phone again show android recovery option; now you should select reboot the mobile via volume (+) or (-). After sleeting press power button and your android device is reboot now.

8) All work is done!!! Now see your mobile is same as new cell phone. Setup step by step like just new android phone setup.

For better understand follow the video