How to print document via cloud printing: No need to use cloud print app for cloud printing doc


Print document via cloud printing

Somebody ask me how to print document via cloud printing. There any cloud print app need to cloud printing document. No! You no need any App for cloud print; just follow my tutorials then you also can print your all document form anywhere. What is cloud printing? Cloud print is a future Google that allow to print document from anywhere. In this post I will show you how to setup cloud print and then use the print for printing any document.

To using Google cloud print service fist you need to connect your printer on Google server. There has two types of cloud printer service; Cloud ready printer and Manually printer the two types of printer you can can user for cloud print. So, the cloud ready printer automatically connect on Google cloud serve and the Manuel printer you should connect with Google cloud print sever with manually.

print document via cloud printing
print document via cloud printing

Here I don’t want to discus about cloud ready printer; Because the cloud ready printers automatically connect with cloud server, so in the begging time you don’t face any problem with the cloud ready printer. I am going to conversation about manual printer how to use manual printer for cloud printing.

How to connect classic prints for cloud printing

Step – 1) Run your windows, Mac and Linux computer.

Step – 2) Open Google chrome if the chrome already installed on your PC. Otherwise good download the Google chrome and install it.

Step – 3) Now click on the menu of Google chrome browser.

Step – 4) Go and click on Settings.

Step – 5) Now click on show advanced settings

Step – 6) Scroll and go down see Google Cloud print section and there you are able to see Manage Google cloud printers.

Step – 7) Now the screen show you list of devices; That all are installed already on your pc.

Step – 8) Now on the classic printers section click add printers.

Step – 9) Now you are able to face a confirmation message that show you Google cloud printers has been enabled.

I hope now you are able to use any manual printers for cloud print. Its just like wireless printing; you stay anywhere of the world no need to worry about print your document. Jut follow my tips then you will be come able to print with Google cloud printers.