Oppo F1 – How to Hard Reset Oppo F1 ~ Android Hard Reset


Hard Reset Oppo F1; Hi Oppo F1 user, hope all of you are well by the grace of Almighty. Here we came with hot tips for every Oppo F1 Smartphone user that is hard reset tips. Hard Reset is required when some of the unwanted issues attack our smartphone like Oppo F1. It may be deeply or not. But if we don’t remove any issue day by day it will be deeper. Then we won’t be able to user smartphone as perfectly. Most of the disgusting issue of a smartphone is freezing, overheating, not response correctly or response too late, Google play store unable to sign in, apps not installed or RAM becoming low though you don’t install any app etc. more problems. As an android user, I also face this difficulty. But we already know the phrase, every action has opposite reaction. So, any problem has one more solution. We have to search proper medicine for resolving these difficulties. Then we can free from this evils.

Before going to hard reset process we have to complete an essential work that is backup data. If you still able to operate this smartphone, just do a full backup smartphone data such as music, video, apps or another document because a hard reset will erase almost all of the data which cannot be undone.

Another way, if you are failed to navigate smartphone for having problems or maybe phone fully stopped it unable to open. Your luck is fully bad. You have no access to backup or store any data. But simply, you can recover the phone from darkness world.

No tension, the phone will work as like before. In this article, I will show it step by step. Here I will discuss two ways of hard reset. I hope you will understand it clearly.

Process for Doing a Hard Reset

Most of the smartphone are fully stopped or bricked so that we aren’t able to open it anyhow. Ever so has a solution for getting back this phone. Another way, if your phone not responding, all button doesn’t work for a short while that time you have to put off the battery of this phone and make it powered off, not just locked. And make sure, the phone is not plugged into a charger if plugged phone obviously powered on. So, the reset won’t work.

Below, we share two ways of hard reset, it will work on a stopped or non-stopped phone. Follow the instruction in mindfully.

Hard Reset Oppo F1

Hard Reset Oppo F1
Hard Reset Oppo F1

First Method of Hard Reset Oppo F1

  1. Switch off the Oppo F1 Smartphone and wait around 10-15 second.
  2. Hold Press Volume (-) and Power Buttons. After 5-second release Power Button. Then you will see Oppo Logo.
  3. Just release Volume (-) Button, then Language Menu will appear on the screen.
  4. Select the English language via using Volume and Power Button.
  5. Now Select Wipe and Data Cache.
  6. Click Yes for confirming the process.
  7. Now select Reboot for restart the Smartphone.

Second Method of Hard Reset Oppo F1

  1. Go to Settings option from the smartphone function.
  2. Tap on Backup and Reset option.
  3. Choose Factory Reset.
  4. Next click on Reset Device.
  5. Choose Erase Everything for clear all of the data of Oppo F1 Smartphone.

Congratulation, Hard Reset work completed successfully.

Now you are clear of the hard reset information, next time you can easily do a hard reset if any soft problem comes such upper problems.

Guys…Please stay close to us for more information about hard reset. Don’t forget to check out another renowned post on this site. Not more today.

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