How to Hard Reset Lenovo A1000 – Lenovo Hard Reset


Hard Reset Lenovo A1000; Lenovo is the best usable android smartphone in the world. If you are a user of Lenovo android smartphone then you can know everything about the android smartphone. If such the Lenovo smartphone has faced with problems, you should troubleshoot immediately otherwise, you may face trouble with the smartphone. So it is better for you to use the Lenovo A1000 smartphone. Firstly, you need to detect the problems then try to the solution within detect. Generally, those problems are showed more time of the smartphone is that forgotten smartphone password, pattern lock, security lock and hanging problems. These are common problems for the android smartphone.

In the time of resetting, the smartphone try to do with mindfulness. Someone will be failed to appear the recovery option. You don’t get the access to hard reset Lenovo A1000 smartphone until appearing the recovery mode. The recovery mode when will appear, you should tap the button carefully. So follow the android hard reset blog formula steps by steps for hard reset Lenovo A1000 clearly.

Hard Reset Lenovo A1000

Hard Reset Lenovo A1000
Hard Reset Lenovo A1000

Before Hard Reset Lenovo A1000, What should I do?

Maybe you are going to do hard reset your phone, but here I will give you a solution. At first try to backup previous data. Because Hard reset will be deleted the data of your phone which cannot be undone. So, before doing a hard reset you have to choose a safe source for keep up data. Usually, data is so important thing for every. If mind your phone’s data is important, you can backup these in safe storage. Here is a short description about backup. Backup means one or more data copied from device to a safe source such as online host service, Google drive etc. On the internet, we see a heap of data backup service which provides a minimum space for all. We have to find out these sources. I request you to keep your data on Mega Cloud Storage. Mega Cloud Storage has more facilities for all. I also use Mega Account for keep up my data. Anytime, I can do a hard reset because I have no tension, all of the data of my phone already backed up on Mega Cloud Storage. We also shared Mega Cloud Storage data backup information. Check it in our previous post.

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Symptoms of Lenovo A1000 hard reset

  1. Ram & Rom Full Fill: When a user uses their android Smartphone long time. Then they face something problem from the Smartphone. After a few days, an android user installs deference  kind of App on their Smartphone or tablets. Once the smartphone RAM and ROM will full fill. Then the phone start to show the problem with the user.
  2. Forget Google Play store password: Sometimes an android user forgets their Google account password. So, they need hard reset or factory data reset the Smartphone. As a result, they will be get access easily to use the smartphone.
  3. Pattern lock code: Pattern lock is the most usable lock for android user. Sometimes the user forgets the Pattern lock. So, for unlocking the Smartphone and tablets they need to hard reset or factory data reset.

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First Method of Hard Reset Lenovo A1000

  1. Turn off the Smartphone and wait around 10-15 second
  2. Same time hold press Volume (+), Volume (-) and Power Button
  3. When Lenovo logo will appear, release held keys
  4. Now use Volume buttons to select “Wipe data/factory reset” and press Power button to confirm
  5. Another window will appear, choose “Yes” and confirm with Power button
  6. Few moment later select “Reboot System Now” with Power button
  7. The Hard Reset job complete successfully

Second Method of Hard Reset Lenovo A1000

  1. Power off the phone
  2. Open Settings option from the Menu
  3. Click on “Backup and Reset” option, now select “Factory Data Reset
  4. Tap on “Reset Phone
  5. Select “Erase Everything” for reset this device
  6. All work is done!!! Now see your mobile is same as new cell phone. Setup step by step like just new android phone.

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If you don’t understand the tips watch the video for better understand.