Hard Reset Sony Xperia L | Android Hard Reset


Hard Reset Sony Xperia L

Hard reset sony Xperia l: Why you should be done the hard reset or factory data reset on your Sony Xperia l mobile phone. Before hard reset your sony Xperia l, you should know about the good site of hard reset as well as, you may know the bad site of the hard reset. After knowing the aspects, you may go to do the hard reset or factory data reset into your Sony Xperia l Smartphone. At the present time of the world have many users of sony Xperia L. So if anyone will face several problems with her Sony Xperia L Smartphone. May these problems are a mobile data connection problem, forgot the mobile password and others problem then they can follow the android hard reset and as well as they will be successes hard reset Sony Xperia l.

If you want to make a mobile as a usable until a long time, you can follow the different way that is helpful for protecting your Sony Xperia l. Root is essential part for android Smartphone so you can see how to root sony Xperia L. Keep in your mind that if you want to setup WiFi internet on your sony Xperia l then you can, also followed by this link setup wireless hotspot on sony Xperia L. Okay, now you can hard reset your android mobile via android hard reset also following this formula.

Hard Reset Sony Xperia L | Android Hard Reset
Hard Reset Sony Xperia L | Android Hard Reset

How to Hard Reset Sony Xperia L

1) Switch off the mobile and wait around 10-15 sec.

2) This is important point for Sony Xperia L hard reset. Keep in same time volume (+) and power buttons in same time. Then you will face the display below.

3) Now press the Vol (+) Button and hold it, see the factory reset menu is active now.

4) Now press the power button for android recovery option.

5) From the menu items you should select wife data/ factory reset and press power button for confirm it.

Hard Reset Sony Xperia L | Android Hard Reset
Hard Reset Sony Xperia L | Android Hard Reset

6) On the next steps the android recovery option want form you conformation you want to factory reset your android device? If you select “Yes” then all data will delete form your mobile. 

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7) Wait some time work is running after done the factory reset the phone again show android recovery option; now you should select reboot the mobile via volume (+) or (-). After sleeting press power button and your android device is reboot now.

8) All work is done!!! Now see your mobile is same as new cell phone. Setup step by step like just new android phone setup.

Now the hard reset sony xperia L is successfully.