How To Hard Reset Oppo F1s – Oppo Hard Reset Tips


Hard Reset Oppo F1s – After the more volume of the competition of on Oppo F1s. The Oppo Smartphone Company’s announced the Oppo F1s Smartphone. Today we will know how to hard reset Oppo F1s smartphone. We know that; the hanging problem is one of the most common problems of any android cellphone. Due to installing more apps on the smartphone, its provides us some problem like as hanging, auto – shut up, touch screen work by automatically. If you face these problems with your Oppo F1s you can get released from the problem by hard reset. There is no problem which won’t be solved via hard reset but be careful before make the hard reset backup your valuable data because hard reset will delete all of the data on your smartphone.

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Before Hard Reset Keep Your Data in Safe Place

Here is a short description about backup. Smartphone has one more data which is so important for you. Such of data of your smartphone is audio songs, video songs, apps, document, files etc. If unfortunately corrupt or delete it. You don’t get it back as its own size. So what to do. Don’t tension. Has more option for keeping your valuable data. You may choose this backup storage for keep data your smartphone to another external HDD, MMC or cloud backup. I like to use O-Cloud Backup Service to keep backup the valuable data. If you want you can also use O-Cloud Backup Service to keep your valuable data. Now we can start the hard reset process for Oppo F1s smartphone. We use three methods for hard use Oppo F1s smartphone, if any step doesn’t work for your smartphone you can try to another step. But the three method is most reputed. Otherwise, maybe you heard Oppo Company has own Data backup service. That is O-Cloud Backup Service. So simply Oppo user able to keep their important data in this storage. I deeply recommended you to keep your data on O-Cloud. For backup application – Go to Settings – Backup and Restore – Create New Backup – Start Backup. When your backup completed you can connect your Oppo F1s Smartphone in to your computer and copy the folder name Backups.

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Now go to the hard reset instruction.

Hard Reset Oppo F1s

Hard Reset Oppo F1s
Hard Reset Oppo F1s

First Method of Hard Reset Oppo F1s

  1. Switch off the Oppo F1s Smartphone and wait around 10-15 second.
  2. Hold Press Volume (-) and Power Buttons. After 5-second release Power Button. Then you will see Oppo Logo.
  3. Just release Volume (-) Button, then Language Menu will appear on the screen.
  4. Select the English language via using Volume and Power Button.
  5. Now Select Wipe and Data Cache.
  6. Click Yes for confirming the process.
  7. Now select Reboot for restart the Smartphone.

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Second Method of Hard Reset Oppo F1s

  1. Go to Settings option from the smartphone function.
  2. Tap on Backup and Reset option.
  3. Choose Factory Reset.
  4. Next click on Reset Device.
  5. Choose Erase Everything for clear all of the data of Oppo F1s Smartphone.

Congratulation, Hard Reset work completed successfully.

Third Method of Hard Reset Oppo F1s

This is the 3rd Method of Hard Reset Oppo F1s smartphone. If you don’t benefit from the 2nd method, you should apply the 3rd method for factory reset Oppo F1s Smartphone. Hope you will be benefited from the 3rd method if the first method not worked for you. Here we will use Rockchip android tool for done the hard reset steps.

  1. For the 3rd method, you need a Laptop or desktop computer
  2. A good quality USB data cable
  3. Smartphone should more than 80% charge
  4. Download Rockchip Android Tool from here
  5. Install driver from the Rar file

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Start the Hard Reset Oppo F1s Smartphone with the Rockchip tool

  1. Connect the USB data cable with your laptop or Desktop computer
  2. Switch off the Oppo F1s Smartphone
  3. Connect the Smartphone with your Laptop or Desktop computer
  4. Hold and Press the Volume Up and Power Key ( Vol + Power ), if your smartphone does not recognized again disconnect the smartphone and connect the smartphone withhold Volume down and Power key ( Vol -, + Power )
  5. From the found new hardware section install the driver that include on Rar file
  6. Open the Rockchip tool
  7. On the step, you will able to see the smartphone connected with Rockchip tool
  8. Select the misc.img path that already included on download folder
  9. After selecting the misc.img now click the run
  10. Now your Smartphone device will restart
  11. All work is done hard reset completed

Fourth Method of Hard Reset Oppo F1s

This is the 4th Method of Hard Reset Oppo F1s smartphone. If your smartphone device does not work with the above three methods, you can apply the hard reset method. We hope you will be able to factory reset with the method.

  1. On the 4th method, you should download the Multi android tool
  2. Now extract the rar file
  3. Open the extracted folder
  4. Connect your Smartphone to your Laptop or desktop PC
  5. Find the tool and open it
  6. Check your device via entering number 1
  7. After successfully added the device
  8. Enter the number of 4
  9. Now your smartphone is rebooted and unlock the pattern lock
  10. Restart the Smartphone
  11. Work is done

We hope on the four methods you will be able to hard reset your Smartphone devices. If any of method is not working for your smartphone you can contact with us via facebook, twitter. We will try to solve your problem as soon as possible.

For your better understand we share Oppo F1s Hard Reset video. If you dont understand these method, you can watch this video for hard reset your Oppo F1s.