Guideline for Backup and Restore Android Phone – Android Hard Reset


Backup and Restore; Here I will be going to publish backup information for Android Smartphone or tablets. Every smartphone or tablets user keeps data on your device but you don’t know it’s not a safe place. The smartphone is so important aspect for everyone even a computer also. Every smartphone or computer user filled with their device important files such as email, contacts, media files, calendar schedules, excel sheet or lots of photos and videos. Every document is so valuable for us, but it can be backed up in many ways. In online we see a lot of cloud data backup service some are paid and some are free service. If you want to keep your data in free you have to choose free backup service. You can be sure all of the data will be save it won’t be copied or shared with anyone. Here I will share few steps for backup data. Just see this information in mindfully. So let’s go.

Google Cloud Backup and Restore

For beginners, Google offered every android user for backup valuable data on their own Google Drive. I think it’s so easy. Maybe you have known that Google invented Android Phone so they add one more feature to this operating system. Like us, Google knows every data or information is essential so they give us an option for backup data. But all android user don’t know the function. But if you try to find out this option you can easily see it. There is no user who doesn’t see this option “Auto Sync Data”. Everyone seems it eats lots of data. It’s right but it always tries to back up your personal data on Cloud Storage. Okay, if you disable this option again enable it.

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Now Go to Settings > Accounts > Select Google Account > try to check everything which you want to sync.

Then again Go to Settings > Backup and Reset.

Now you will see all of the document enabled automatically.

Guideline for Backup and Restore Android Phone
Guideline for Backup and Restore Android Phone

Now you can reset your Android phone. Don’t tension your data won’t be deleted because you already enable sync option. You will see after hard reset all of the previous data restored again. This is a nice job. You can try it for proving.

Backup Your Data After Hard Reset

Google has built in backup system that works nicely. Everyone related to internet but all user don’t use in one internet connection somebody uses mobile data or hotspot internet. But if you do a hard reset your hotspot saved password may be erased and others setting will be a default. If you want to keep it as like before follow the right instruction.

Go to Settings > Backup & Reset > Backup My data. If you enable Backup My Data option all of the previous data will be restore after a hard reset. It thinks this is a better opportunity for you.

Guideline for Backup and Restore Android Phone
Guideline for Backup and Restore Android Phone

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After all, you are clear this backup information. So friends, try to backup your data at your own experience.