Google Cloud Backup for Oppo F1 Smartphone


Google Cloud Backup for Oppo F1 – January 2016 Oppo F1 came on the mobile marketplace. Till now Oppo F1 get a lot of user from the world. If you find top listed Smartphone of the 2016 maybe you will be able to face the Oppo F1 Smartphone. Because there is a lot of users catch the Smartphone within the year of 2016. The Smartphone have many good side and bad side. As an android user, everyone needs to know about data backup service with their Smartphone. Today I am going to talk about Google Cloud Backup service for the Oppo F1 phone. Data backup is an important part of a Smartphone user. But I see recent someone make a comment with our android hard reset and he wants to know something about Google Cloud Backup service and he also want to know how to backup valuable data from his Oppo F1 Smartphone to Google Cloud Backup. Here I will show you three types of backup service for your Oppo f1 Smartphone that help you keep back up your valuable data on the cloud server. Like the photos, videos, Images, SMS etc.

How To Use Google Cloud Backup for Oppo F1 Smartphone

Google Cloud Backup for Oppo F1
Google Cloud Backup for Oppo F1

Here we are going to user Google Drive to keep back up full data from our Oppo F1 Smartphone. For this reasons now you go to Google play store of your Oppo F1 Smartphone. Login in to your play store account to using Google account. If you do not have Google accounts go to Gmail dot com and create new account. Now Screech on play store Google Drive and download it. After complete download and install the Google Drive, You can login in Google drive via same Google account. After login in to Google Drive you can select file and folder to upload in Google Drive.

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Backup Oppo F1 Smartphone via O-Cloud

You can backup data using O-Cloud backup service. The O-Cloud back up service provides Oppo Smartphone Company. For the Oppo backup application – Go to Settings – Backup and Restore – Create New Backup – Start Backup. When your backup completed you can connect your Oppo F1 Smartphone in to your computer and copy the folder name Backups. The O-Cloud service back up your everything data.

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Back up data via downloading mode

For this reasons you should turn off your Oppo F1 Smartphone and in the same time keep Volume down + Power buttons. When you entered recovery mode you may select and conform anything. Now select USB mass storage mode and use USB cable to connect your device to your PC. Now you can browse internal memory to backup your valuable data. Within the three processes you can back up your valuable data that you can restore any time if your Oppo F1 device will lost, broken etc.

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