Dropbox Backup service for Vivo Smartphone


Dropbox Backup service – Here I will describe about data backup service for Vivo smartphone. Data backup is the most important aspect for every android user. You know now android is most popular operating system in the world. So that, every people try to use this update phone. However, every user keep lot of data in their phone such as music files, application, video files etc. Every data is so important if unexpectedly any data delete we feel guilty. Everyone doesn’t know how to save data from smartphone. Here the tutorial which help you to save amount of data without any hard work. In android phone already has backup system but may be you don’t find out it. Don’t worry I am here to show you that. Follow the procedure in below.

Backup from Vivo phone

  1. Go to Settings > Accounts & Sync from your phone.
  2. Go to Account option, and click enable “Auto-Sync Data”.  Now sign into Google Account via your Gmail ID and Password.
  3. Now see what kind of data you will be able to backup. Just turn on all of the option via tick mark. These files may be photos, music, contacts etc.
  4. Go to Settings > Backup and Reset option
  5. Check Backup My Data

You can download other backup apps from Google Play Store such as SMS Backup, Contacts Backup pro, Titanium backup etc. These apps also work as nicely. You can use it without any problem.

Dropbox Backup Service for Vivo Phone

Dropbox Backup service for Vivo
Dropbox Backup service for Vivo Smartphone

You have other backup option. I think it also helpful for you. Let’s go for discuss. May be you hear Data backup service name. I just want to tell about that. Online data backup is a safe source for keep all of your valuable data. When we search on Google via different keywords we see lots of data backup service result. But some are free backup service and some are paid. If you are a low earner you have to choose free backup service. I suggest you to use DropBox for keep all of data of your Vivo phone. Especially DropBox was created for computer user. They have more data so need to backup data for prevent lost or corrupt. But now this facility able to use every android and ios user. If you want to backup any data just download and install DropBox app. Then sign into your account if already account create but if you have none. Just create a DropBox account and now you will be able to backup data in happily. Keep in mind Dropbox gives 2 GB storage for every basic user. If you are a DropBox Pro user you can user lot of opportunity like fast uploading opportunity, get additional features, advance sharing control and after all you will be able to upload 1TB. It is one of the best opportunity if you are a Pro user. You know Dropbox Pro is paid app. Usually, we can’t download it free. For download this app free you have to install Blackmart app. Then you can get this app for free.  Okay Now follow the Dropbox upload tutorial in below.

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  1. At first create an account or log into your previous Dropbox account.
  2. Now Click upload option it will appear your file location
  3. Then select multiple file as you want
  4. Now click upload.

So, friends now you will be able to backup all of the data without any problem. After all, I think now you are clear of this backup information. If you have any opinion just drop your valuable comment on the comment box.