Best Epson Expression Printer XP 330 – Why You Should Buy Wireless Printer?


Today I am going to talk about Best Epson Expression printer XP 330 small in one. So the small in one printer give you all kind of action, like as a wireless print, copy, Scan, local print, print from USB, Print from Pen drive etc. Here I will discuss everything about the printer because I have experience around two months on the printer. Before I was bought the printer really didn’t idea with the printer and how does the printer work. There is a lot of feature on the printer and I am ready to share with my all friends, that why today here I am. You can buy the printer from Amazon, eBay with any others online e-shop. But I request you to read the full feature step by step before you buy the best Epson expression printer XP 330.

Complete wireless solution of Epson Expression Home XP 330

Best Epson Expression Printer XP 330

I know you may ready to ask me what is this complete wireless solution of Epson XP 330 printer? It has a 1.44 incise LCD screen that’s help you totally control the printer locally and wirelessly. You may like to run your lifestyle better than others human. As a result, you use iPhone, iPad, latest android Smartphone and others wifi or wireless included devices. But you can not print any document from the devices, it’s really very disarrangement for your life. But the best Epson expression printer XP 330 is one of the good solutions for you and everyone. Easily you can print any kind of document wirelessly within the local wireless network range 100 meters. Wait! You maybe try to buy the wireless printer from Amazon. No need to hurry, first of all, you should check out the Amazon best seller reviews about the printer.

Best Epson Expression Printer XP 330

Before I am going to explain how to setup and connect to a wireless network the best printer Epson XP 330 I want to talk something more about the printer. It also includes wifi direct for network free training. The printer is compact size and 100 paper sheet capacity once you can reload the paper sheet after complete print the first 100 sheet. The printer also has automatic bonus software you can scan from Facebook and Cloud to print out any kind of document. Also, there is MMC card slot built-in that’s why you can install extra MMC card for document print via PC free. I know you are ready to buy the best Epson Expression Home XP 330 printer. You should wait and compare with others Epson printer because once you will buy the printer you can’t reflex your printer instantly. Before buying the printer you should compare it from Amazon.

Setup and Connect Your Epson Expression Home XP 330 Printer to a Wireless Network

Right now I am going to explain you what should you need to do after getting the product from Amazon? When you will get your product on hand you should check out everything and setup the printer with your home or office wireless network. Before you start to connect your Epson printer to a wireless network you should check three think from here.

3) Do you have a Wireless Network?

2) What is your network Name?

1) What security settings are you using?

3) Do you have a Wireless Network – Make sure you have a wireless network in your home or small office and you all computers and Laptop is connected to your network. Here I recommended you to use RavPower filehub plus wireless router to connect your all Computer and Laptops with Epson Expression Home XP 330 printer. If you want to know something more about RavPower Filehub plus Wireless router you can follow the web content source from hotspot setup.

2) What is your network Name – this is one more important thing about network name. That’s we called network SSID. The SSID introduce your printer to router connectivity.

1)  What security settings you are using – if you have network security its better for make relationship with your printer and router. If you do not have security password you need to asked the persons who setup your wireless network.

Now lets setup your Epson printer to the network when you were done you will able to print any kind of document Wirelessly from these computers. Also, you can add a print job to your computer which already connected to your home router.

Install Software on Epson Expression Printer XP 330

First of all; insert the CD in your computer what came with your printer. If you do not have a CD ROOM in your computer or Laptops you can download the software exe file from Epson effectual website. Now click on install file in your computer and wait a few minutes to finish the installation presses. Right now the computer shows a dialog box and asked you to connect your printer via Wireless or USB. You should select wireless and click next to run installation presses. Select the printer for install first time and click on next. The installer may automatically direct your wireless network and connect to your network. Right now installer asks you to your wireless network SSID and clicks on shown SSID and password now copy and keep secure the SSID and password. Come back in your printer LCD screen and select your network SSID name put the password. I am sure right now you are accessing your printer wirelessly. Try to make your first print via wireless.

End of the conversation – The best Epson Expression printer XP 330 all in one collar printer and scanner with cheap price and free shaping from Amazon. You can buy the device right now and I highly recommend you to buy the device at $44 from Amazon e-Shop.

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