How To Backup iPhone 6 in Google cloud Storage


Data backup is most important part of a Smartphone user. I am an iPhone user and my fist iPhone was iPhone 3. Right now I am using iPhone 6 and always I store my document on an iCloud store. But a few days ago I got a notification from Cloud storage, your “iCloud store almost full fill”. As a result, I cannot upload data on iCloud Store. Then I find the solution online how to continue the backup data online. Because the online backup is important for me. Before going to the topic I want to discuss something about Google cloud Storage and here I am going to talk about backup iPhone 6 in Google cloud Storage.

Why Google Cloud Services?

Backup iPhone 6 in Google cloud Storage
Backup iPhone 6 in Google cloud Storage

There is a lot of cloud backup services online but Google always better than everyone. Because Google always tries to make something difference. Frist of all; Google provides us 15GB free cloud store for backup photo, music, video and document etc. Everyone can use the 15GB cloud store for data storage. For the progress of new user should signup Google Cloud. They can also use Google account for getting the 15GB free store. The hold of the world Google is one of the top listed company that always user frankly and trusted. As a result; most of the user use the service and their uploaded data is secure anytime. Today we will learn how to use Google Cloud Services for backup data from iPhone 6.

Google Cloud Drive for iPhone 6

The iPhone 6 is one of the top category Smartphone of the world right now. Everyday lot of user search online about iPhone 6. When a new user come on the apple brand they need to create apple account for control everything on apple devices. Apple provides only 5GB free iCloud store for data storage. The store will full fill after a few month. Then the user needs to buy new cloud plan for store data. If we use Google cloud Drive we can use 15GB free store. Here I am going to provide you the guideline how to keep backup data on Google Drive from iPhone 6.

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Step by step guideline for backup iPhone 6 in Google Drive

First of all; tap on apple home button, go to App Store and search Google Drive. Now download and install Google Drive on your iPhone 6. Open the Google Drive and sign in to Google account. Okay now come back again on your computer (PC). Download Google drives into your computer and installs it. Now login to the Google drives with same Google account. You can upload now everything on Google Drive and browse the document anywhere from your iPhone 6. You can also us Google drive for backup iPhone 6. For the step, you need to connect iPhone 6 to your computer via iTunes. Login iTunes with your apple account and backup your iPhone. The backup data storage in your computer

Users/Username/AppData/Roaming/Apple Computer/MobileSync/Backup

Now find the backup file and copy the file, now past the file on Google Drive. When your iPhone 6 need to restore you can do it by anytime anywhere from your Google Drive.