Google Backup and Restore Lenovo a6000 Smartphone

Google Backup and Restore Lenovo a6000

Google Backup and restore isn’t important for a Smartphone user, the sentence is not true forever. For a Smartphone user, every time should keep mind Google backup and restore is most important for their phone and tablets. Here I am going to provide you a guideline that informs you how to use Google backup and restore service for Lenovo A6000 Smartphone. Continue reading “Google Backup and Restore Lenovo a6000 Smartphone”

How To Backup iPhone 6 in Google cloud Storage

Backup iPhone 6 in Google cloud Storage

Data backup is most important part of a Smartphone user. I am an iPhone user and my fist iPhone was iPhone 3. Right now I am using iPhone 6 and always I store my document on an iCloud store. But a few days ago I got a notification from Cloud storage, your “iCloud store almost full fill”. As a result, I cannot upload data on iCloud Store. Continue reading “How To Backup iPhone 6 in Google cloud Storage”

Lenovo K3 Note Hard Reset via [Android hard reset]

Lenovo K3 Note Hard reset

How to hard reset Lenovo K3 Note

Hard Reset Lenovo K3 : Many types of the mobile brand company of the world and the Lenovo is bigger of them. Cell phone user like the Lenovo Smartphone I also not deference of others. Sometime Lenovo mobiles need to update and its want hard reset or factory reset from the user. This is not a meter or very big problem if you make something wrong with the Smartphone then you need to hard reset or factory reset otherwise no need to do it. The originator of android is Google and every android user must need to user Google account for download apps from play store. Without play store your android Smartphone like as blind so, you can not operate the phone as like as a normal user. On others site if you forget the Google account ID or password then you need to urgent hard reset or factory reset on the Smartphone. There have many more good effects and bad effects from hard reset or factory reset, before going to do it may I suggest you for read the thus post about good and bad site of the hard reset. Today we are going to hard reset Lenovo K3 note.
Lenovo K3 Note Hard reset
Lenovo K3 Note Hard reset

Tips for Lenovo K3 Note Hard Reset

1) Switch off the mobile and wait around 10-15 sec.

2) This is important point for Hard Reset Lenovo K3 Note hard reset. Keep in same time volume (-) and power buttons in same time. Then you will face the display below.

3) Now press the Vol (-) Button and hold it, see the factory reset menu is active now.

4) Now press the power button for android recovery option.

5) From the menu items you should select wife data/ factory reset and press power button for confirm it.

Lenovo K3 Note Hard reset
Lenovo K3 Note Hard reset

6) On the next steps the android recovery option want form you conformation you want to factory reset your android device? If you select “Yes” then all data will delete form your mobile. 

7) Wait some time work is running after done the factory reset the phone again show android recovery option; now you should select reboot the mobile via volume (+) or (-). After sleeting press power button and your android device is reboot now.

8) All work is done!!! Now see your mobile is same as new cell phone. Setup step by step like just new android phone setup.

How to print document via cloud printing: No need to use cloud print app for cloud printing doc

Print document via cloud printing

Somebody ask me how to print document via cloud printing. There any cloud print app need to cloud printing document. No! You no need any App for cloud print; just follow my tutorials then you also can print your all document form anywhere. What is cloud printing? Cloud print is a future Google that allow to print document from anywhere. In this post I will show you how to setup cloud print and then use the print for printing any document.

To using Google cloud print service fist you need to connect your printer on Google server. There has two types of cloud printer service; Cloud ready printer and Manually printer the two types of printer you can can user for cloud print. So, the cloud ready printer automatically connect on Google cloud serve and the Manuel printer you should connect with Google cloud print sever with manually.

print document via cloud printing
print document via cloud printing

Here I don’t want to discus about cloud ready printer; Because the cloud ready printers automatically connect with cloud server, so in the begging time you don’t face any problem with the cloud ready printer. I am going to conversation about manual printer how to use manual printer for cloud printing.

How to connect classic prints for cloud printing

Step – 1) Run your windows, Mac and Linux computer.

Step – 2) Open Google chrome if the chrome already installed on your PC. Otherwise good download the Google chrome and install it.

Step – 3) Now click on the menu of Google chrome browser.

Step – 4) Go and click on Settings.

Step – 5) Now click on show advanced settings

Step – 6) Scroll and go down see Google Cloud print section and there you are able to see Manage Google cloud printers.

Step – 7) Now the screen show you list of devices; That all are installed already on your pc.

Step – 8) Now on the classic printers section click add printers.

Step – 9) Now you are able to face a confirmation message that show you Google cloud printers has been enabled.

I hope now you are able to use any manual printers for cloud print. Its just like wireless printing; you stay anywhere of the world no need to worry about print your document. Jut follow my tips then you will be come able to print with Google cloud printers.

How to work Unlimited cloud storage: Unlimited cloud storage free

Unlimited cloud storage: Unlimited cloud storage free

Best unlimited cloud storage on the world

On the world has many type of cloud storage, but there also has some of free cloud storage provider. I want to talking about free unlimited cloud storages provide. They want to provide you free cloud storages there you can save and storages all of your data. The cloud based storage give you 100% security of your valuable data. May you asked me why you need to storages your data online? This is simple question; don’t worry late I explain something about storages data online.

Unlimited cloud storage: Unlimited cloud storage free
Unlimited cloud storage: Unlimited cloud storage free

1) Virtual work: Cloud storage providers give you a pastille for virtual work. Example if you stay on CA USA, but your office is UK then how you can control your office and how to work. Simply the virtual work controller is control your everything. You can edit your data, office equipment and others. Also you can print your document via cloud printer, all of you can done from your home. There has many free cloud storage provide in this post I will meet you with some of free cloud storage. So, no need to worry about cloud storages I will provide you the cloud storage solutions.

2) Cloud Print: Cloud printing and airprint printers the two type of online printers is very important for everyone. The types of printers help you control your virtual office from your home. Cloud printing is a systems that allow to print any document from anywhere. If you want you can print your document on your office printer from your home. This is simple to print.

* Connect your printers with a PC.

* Activate your PC online.

* Connect your mobile, tablet or PC to online.

Now you can print your document on your cloud printers from anywhere. Always I like Google could print.

3) Work and security: More then 80% peoples use mobile, computer, and tablet I hope you know. So, if you use unlimited cloud storages then you can upload all document on your unlimited free cloud storage. And you can use the all of data anywhere if you want? This is 100% secure for you, some time I see PC affected by virus, and lost many kind of valuable data. So, if we use cloud data storage and upload our data on unlimited storages its nothing to happen for lost any data. They provide you 100% security on your backup data.

So, here I will discus about a few free cloud storage providers; They provide you free storages and if you choose then you can buy more plans from there.

1) pCloud: pCloud is a free cloud storage provider that provide free Cloud storages. The pCloud provide 10GB storage for every single user. So, you can upload there 10GB of data: images, file, document, audio, video ect. And you can menages the all document from any where with your mobile Apps. Now signs up with pCloud and get 10GB free cloud storage backup storages within few sec. Otherwise you can buy big cloud storages unlimited package.

2) MEGA: Unlimited cloud backup provide ‘Mega‘ provide you 50GB of free cloud back up. You can use there 50GB free storages and control your all data from your mobile or computer. Just you need your won user name and password.

3) MediaFire: The cloud storage provide MediaFire provide you 10GB of storages within short time when you done the sing up on there. So, you get the permission for store 10GB back up file there. If you need more then you can buy unlimited cloud store.

After all I suggest you for choose your cloud storages where you data back up security are strong. Because your data is 100% valuable for you; May be the data and document is valuable more then your life.

What is cloud backup – How to Work Cloud Service for Backup Data

What is cloud backup - How to Work Cloud Service for Backup Data

How to work cloud Backup for upload data

Cloud backup is a system that allows keeping your valuable data security on 3rd party host. They provide you 100% security about your personal data. Late I explain something about cloud backup. Information technology (IT) has good future with them, who keeping there eyes on (IT). There have more good sanctions of IT. Cloud backup or cloud service is one of them. In our daily life cloud service need every time on everywhere. So, in this post the android hard reset start talking bit more about the cloud service.

What is cloud backup - How to Work Cloud Service for Backup Data
What is cloud backup – How to Work Cloud Service for Backup Data

Why use Cloud Service?

On your daily life you should use cloud drive every time everywhere because it’s a better way to keeping your data online. Example you have 32GB MMC card on your mobile or tablets. You have a lot of pictures on a party and your MMC is full there you can’t save more data. In this moment if you use cloud drive then you can cloud backup your all picture within a moment. Doesn’t worry there have many different cloud storage provider they keep your data securely. Same like as your office most important file; Example you need to work with your office virtually same file need to use everywhere. It’s a good point for cloud service. The cloud service makes it easy for you. You need to use a popular cloud backup e.g. Google drive, there upload the office file and use it anywhere. The android hard reset knows deference type of cloud backup. Here I am going to interface top 3 Cloud service on the world.

1) LiveDrive:

The Live drive is a one of the most cloud service on the world. They provide you unlimited cloud back up with low price. Only 7.95$ per month, So, you can buy a plan and upload your unlimited data on there server.

2. JustCloud:

Just cloud is also one more low price unlimited cloud back up service that allows unlimited data back up with only 4.49$ per month.

3. ZipCloud :

Upload your secure data on Zip Cloud, with 4.95$ per month. Its really low price and they provide 100% security on your data. After by the plan if you face any problem with the service then you will be back your money with short time.

But I like Google drive always because the good drive is most power full and secure. Also easy to use the Google drive at anywhere. Google provide you 30GB free speech for a single user, its really helpful for you.